Catch the wave of your fantasies to make the world  more colorful and creative through your pictures. Visit  Shootparty workshops  and take an amazing photos with me and my beautiful friends to celebrate the poetry of life with your camera ..



                                     Let's meet  on Photokina in Cologne, September  20-21st 2016


 EVENTS  2016 


February 18 - 21th, Czech Republic    " Shootparty on snow "


April  15 - 17th, Czech Republic    " Workshop with Pini Hamou "


May 10 - 15th, France   " Camargue Sauvage "


July 14 -  17th, Czech Republic  " Chateaux de Bohemes "                                                        


September 23 - 25th, Czech Republic  " Indian Summer with Reto Heiz "


October 6 - 9th, Germany  " Shootparty in Berlin "                                                                                                   



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to your questions :

- You are a beginner ... ?

           ... experienced photographer will support you with assistance

- You have no money ... ?

           ... that's a pity :) ... but for each participant (friend) you will take  with you, we offer you 50 Euro discount



If our dates doesn't work for you, let's  schedule a day for  your  individual session with us. 

If you have an interest to make the workshop for  your clients in Prague and you are looking for interesting locations and professional models, or if you have some other project in mind, we are happy to propose you our production support.