.. because quite a lot of photoworkshops already exist, I decided to create something new...
Come and join  the atmosphere of cool day party  with team of beautiful, professional  and creative models to find out, that photoshooting is just perfect fun..  no stress, no routine..
Let´s find the inspiration .. engine .. feeling.. eyes.. good energy  &  friends, sharing  the same passion

Shootparty is offering to photographers the opportunity to work  in outstanding locations and themes open to beginers, who needs assistance, as well as to experienced photographers, who may exchange or share their expertise

Looking forward to see you at our next events                      



February 22 - 25th   2018    Shootparty on snow 
 April 13 - 15th  2018     Shootparty in Český Krumlov 
 May  23 - 27th  2018      Shootparty in  South  France 
 June   22 - 24h 2018   Workshop with Pini Hamou
                             / Individual work or guided sessions /


If our dates do not work for you, let's  schedule a day for  your  individual session with us                  



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