Château d'Art

"Nude Souls"


Reto Heiz

20 - 22nd of May 2020

Czech Republic 

***  1 available seat for photographers ***

Beauty of  woman form & grace of  architecture

Come to Czech Republic for inspiring photography experience and join our friendly  group of photography lovers. 

Come to  create original images with opportunity to work with five professional models from Germany, Russia, Ukraine and Czech Republic.

The Chateau's expansive grounds and playful interiors are yours to embrace and explore, to enhance your technical skills, creative confidence, model collab efforts, and artistic nudes portfolio..

Discover with Shootparty the unique magic of a place, where past and present, history and future, nature and culture are bound together in a perfect mix..    

Chateau Třebešice 

( Prague cca 90 km ) 

more photos

The place is exclusively reserved only for our group. 

Portrait / Nude / Composition

Attendance of 5 International Models

12 hours of shooting time

Support for your photography upon request 

8 photographers / 4 fulltime models at the set each day / 1 guest model 

 groups : 2 photographers, 1 model 

2 nights accomodation in designed single bedrooms of castle Třebešice

Photographers can arrange their additional privat shoots  with models in the castle after the regular shooting time 







Make up / hair


Graduation Afterparty



from 19:00

with the great musician from Nashville 

Brent Moyer 

Price / Terms

 The price of the photo event involves transportation from/to Prague, 2 nights accomodation with breakfast, 2x lunch, 2x dinner at the castle restaurant, non alcoholic drinks during the shooting time, water, Afterparty entrance 

The price is 1.690euro / person

Payment terms: 

deposit  50% of the workshop price has to be paid upon the registration  

balance - to be paid 4 weeks  before the workshop starts 

Terms of cancellation:

a) from the participant´s side

till February 15th - 50% of paid deposit is returned

since second half of February -  the deposit is not refundable

b) from the side of organizer - 100% of paid deposit will be returned 

Time schedule 

Meeting  on Wednesday  20th:  

  10:30 Prague´s  airport / 11:15 Prague center 

12:45  Chateau Třebešice / 13:00  Lunch 

                                    Shooting´s end on  Friday 22 at 11:30                                   

( transport back to Prague is ensured )

Graduation Afterparty in Blues Bahnhof Prague with LIVE music from 19:00


Additional Shooting Options

In case of photographer´s interest, there is possibility to arrange additional privat shooting with models directly at the castle location after the workshop time or additional stay and shooting in Prague at  cosy garden house  "Provence style" next to the Blues Bahnhof club.

If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

We are looking forward to seeing you in May in Czech Republic :)


                                                                                                                             Reto & Svět.