An Emerald Dream

Nu'Art Remote Photo Event

November 11th 2023

since I've already received several questions about whether I'm ever going to open a group dedicated only to remote photography at the Shootparty event, I'm happy to finally announce it - here it is :)

6 models / 6 unique locations / 6 sessions

Technical assistance at the set for your smooth experience

Makeup Artist & Stylist Support



1 models is still to be booked

Our time zone > We operate in Prague, Czech Republic 

The event starts on 11.11.2023 at 09:00AM (CEST) / 10:00AM(GMT) 


We briefly introduce ourselves and explain the simple system and screen views. The model will introduce herself and chat with you so both get accustomed to each other. Then you both will talk about the first shooting segment (ideas, suggestions, angles, framing, posing ...). The assistant will listen to your conversation in order to form a first "game plan". 

We make changes, follow your directions, add our own suggestions, etc. You will be able to shoot from different angles, using different framing, and getting styling changes. But basically, it is an interaction between the model and you. We just assist & operate the system, helping the model to fully concentrate on her performance. 

You are in complete control of all the camera setup.  

Each session lasts 1 hour, and between each session will be 15min. break. During this time we will change the location and the model.

After the time's up, you will be super happy :-) And we will start our post-shoot process. 

24 hours after the shoot you will get the RAW files & Preview JPGs delivered in a Dropbox folder. We will send you an email with your personal download link. 

You own all of the photos, the copyright is legally yours. 

Usage Rights: Photos can be used for any occasion except commercial usage. 

Model Release: We are happy to let the model sign a model release and email it back to you. 

We will provide:

SONY A7r iii , lens SONY Distagon 35mm, f: 1,4

Photo Capturing Software: Imaging Edge Desktop. It will take you only 20 seconds to learn all the "photo-capturing-basics" you will need for "clicking the shutter". We will walk you thrown on-set.

LED lights in case of need

You will need:

  1. Desktop Computer/Laptop (Windows or macOS)
    (smartphones, tablets, Android, iPhone/iPad will not grant you all the features and control you will need to enjoy a real, interactive shooting experience.)

  2. Wi-Fi/Internet
    Necessary is a stable internet connection on your side. A reliable Wi-Fi network is most likely fine, using your LAN (with a cable) is even better.

  3. Mic & Speaker
    Most laptops have a built-in microphone and speaker which is totally sufficient for our interaction. If you have headphones with a mic attached, that will work fine too.

  4. Please install the communication app 'Zoom'. Zoom is needed for our interactive communication & remote shooting capabilities. (

  5. Login Credentials: Have our email with the login credentials ready. The link will be sent 10min. before the shoot.

  6. For additional quick communication ( login credentials and etc. ) is suggested messenger 

The Price


Shooting 1:1 with each of the models 

1.790e  / person


Shooting two photographers with each model, sharing their time. 

895e / person

for the photo shoot to take place, the registration of two photographers is required.


Sharing models, time and price between a group of remote shooters (friends, photo club..) 

The amount of 1.790e will be divided among the participants

Reservation of an existing group that is capable of self-coordination is required 

It is necessary to notice that the remote group is part of a regular event and the internal schedule of the event regarding time, models and locations must be observed. 

in case of questions, do not hesitate to contact me at or +420 774 122 031 (whatsApp)

Looking forward to meeting you online :)