June 25 - 26nd, 2022



in Czech Republic

Fully booked 

( registration is possible for the waiting list )

2 days photo event / 2 castles

Composition / Dessous /  Art Nude 

10 hours of shooting time with 7 models 

( 5 models each day )

The work in teams of two photographers or 1:1










Chateau de Charme

/ Saturday /

Romantic castle, fully equipped with furniture,  with great natural light,  located in the area of Slapy lake, cca 60km from Prague, indoor / outdoor locations

Chateu by the lake

/ Sunday /

Large castle with very good natural light, located in the area of Slapy lake, cca 40km from Prague, indoor / outdoor locations

The castle will be equipped for the shoot with furniture and props from the nearby storage 

Styling & MUAH support 

Enhanced wise support for your photography upon request 

by Lionel Duval


opportunity of private shooting on Sunday early morning at the lake 


spot in the team A) 1 photographer and model       

1.590euro / person 

spot in the team B) 2 photographers and model   

990euro / person 

In the price is included: 

1 night accomodation in single room with breakfast, food & drinks during the shooting time, dinner,  transport from Prague to locations and back 

Payment terms:

500euro upon the registration

balance to be paid before the event starts

Terms of cancellation:

a) from the participant´s side -

the deposit is not refundable ( in case we find back up for the cancelled spot - deposit will be returned )

b) from the side of organizer - 100% of paid deposit will be returned

Brief time schedule 

Saturday  25th  

9:00  Meeting at  Prague´s  airport 

10:30  Meeting at castle Radíč       


11:00 - 18:00  Shooting 

19:30 Lunch at hotel hladina - barbeque 

& splendid evening 

Sunday 26th 

08:00 Breakfast

09:30 - 16:00  Shooting 


In case of questions do not hesitate to ask at svetlanku@yahoo.com / tel: +420 774 122 031