Remote Model Shoots 

Online: From Anywhere! Easy as A, B, C...

Shooting Process: Preparation, Shooting, Files

A) Your Preparation (On-Boarding)

  1. FYI: Our time zone > We operate in Prague, Czech Republic (or in some other city/country during the special event).  Our time zone is CEST (GMT +1).
    Time zone converter:

  2. Date & Model: You pick a date and a model. Please make a choice for a 2nd model as a replacement or more possible dates too. It might be that your preferred date and the model's availability collide.

  3. Genre & Style: Please make some choices about style(s) and shoot type.

  4. Book a Date & Finalize The Shoot
    We are happy to discuss your ideas & arrange the date, model, and necessary preparation.
    We will collaborate on ideas, styling, set decoration

  5. Payment: We will send you an email invoice. Once paid in full (bank wire ), your shooting slot is booked. Your payment also means that you acknowledge our Terms & Conditions.

  6. Software: Please install the communication app 'Zoom'. Zoom is needed for our interactive communication & remote shooting capabilities. (

B) Your Shooting Day

  1. Our preparation: Before your shooting slot, we will prepare the set, model styling & makeup,  and more. Please note: We give you 45 minutes of model beautifying time before the shoot at our expense. More elaborated beauty & styling concepts will come at an additional cost. If needed, we discuss this while the onboarding process.

  2. Shoot (1): We briefly introduce ourselves and explain the simple system and screen views. The model will introduce herself, will have a chat with you so both get accustomed to each other. Then you both will talk about the first shooting segment (ideas, suggestions, angles, framing, posing, lighting, ...). The assistance, will listen to your conversation in order to form a first "game plan".
    The shooting starts, segment 1.

  3. Shoot (2): Segment after segment. We make changes, follow your direction, will add our own suggestions, etc. You will be able to shoot from different angles, using different framing, getting styling changes, different lighting moods. But basically, it is an interaction between the model and you. We just assist & operate the system, helping the model to fully concentrate on her performance.

  4. Shoot (3): After the time's up, you will be super happy :-) And we will start our post-shoot process.

C) Post-Shoot Process

  1. Files: 24 hours after the shoot you will get the RAW files & Preview JPGs delivered in a Dropbox folder. We will send you an email with your personal download link.

  2. Copyrights: You own all of the photos, the copyright is legally yours.

  3. Usage Rights: Photos can be used for any occasion except commercial usage. In particular, you can't sell your photos commercially (e.g. selling them to Playboy Plus). If you need commercial usage rights, we are here to discuss an agreement.

  4. Model Release: We are happy to let the model sign a model release and email it back to you.

You will need:

  1. Desktop Computer/Laptop (Windows or macOS)
    (smartphones, tablets, Android, iPhone/iPad will not grant you all the features and control you will need to enjoy a real, interactive shooting experience.)

  2. Wi-Fi/Internet
    A smooth experience depends on a stable internet connection on your side. A reliable Wi-Fi network is most likely fine, using your LAN (with a cable) is even better.

  3. Mic & Speaker
    Most laptops have a built-in microphone and speaker which is totally sufficient for our interaction. If you have headphones with a mic attached, that will work fine too.

  4. App: 'Zoom Client for Meetings':

  5. Login Credentials: Have our email with the login credentials ready. The link will be sent 10min. before the shoot. 

  6. For additional quick communication ( login credentials and etc. ) is suggested messenger 

We will provide:

SONY  A7r iii , lens SONY Distagon 35mm, f: 1,4 /  42 Mpx raw

( can be switched to 50mm thanks to the crop and the result will be a 24 Mpx photo in full quality )

2x LED 1000BII, softboxes, octagon, filtres, refletors ..

Photo Capturing Software:  Imaging Edge Desktop. It will take you only 20 seconds to learn all the "photo-capturing-basics" you will need for "clicking the shutter". We will walk you thrown on-set.