"Somewhere in time"

               workshop with Pini Hamou 


                                            June 22 - 24th 2018, Czech Republic 

                        Fantastic journey through forgotten  places of Bohemia                                                                                                                                      
                     supported by master of surrealistic photography from Izrael   
                                        3 days workshop  / 5 hours shooting every day      

                                              Fine Art  &  Nude                  

                                      with  international team of  10 professional models                                                                         



Our phototrip  starts at abandoned  mill, in  midle of fairy tale nature of Czech Swiss 



Second day  we are going to spend  in large castle complex, with great natural light and many options  for work in different  themes ( Prague 50km)



Last day we gonna discover another castle full of mystery ( located in the same area), with various rooms  and magical garden,  to create stories..  




                                         Participating models 


                               Amedea www.instagram.com/amedea_marie/


                              Pati www.instagram.com/patrycjabiedrzycka_/   
                                        Misha www.shootparty.com/products/michaela/
                                            Vicky www.shootparty.com/products/vicky/
                                             Elilith www.instagram.com/elilithnoir/
                                       Groot  www.maxmodels.pl/modelka-groot.html
                                                    4 more models are still to be booked 
                                                              1 night  in  hotel Zámeček     
                                                                     1 night in hotel Dvůr    
Transport:  from Prague airport or centre station to locations and back
Food:  full board  ( breakfast / lunch / dinner ), warm/cold drinks during shooting


                                   950 euro   ( 3 photographers per 1 model in the group ) 
                                1.250 euro   ( 2 photographers per 1 model in the group ) 
/ the price of workshop includes 2x accomodation in single bedroom, food, transport if needed, styling support /      
Meeting is on June 22nd at 11:00 in Prague or at 13:30 in Vysoká Lípa ( Czech Swiss ).
for booking / additional informations, please contact me at svetlanku@yahoo.com
Looking forward to seeing you in June