Shootparty Ibiza 2021

September 29th - October 3rd 

Art   /  Nude  /  Lifestyle 

fully booked - registration is possible for the waiting list 

 discovery / lounge  photo adventure  

with  5 international full time models

Come & dive into your imagination with Shootparty at the magical island of Ibiza..


*** Hotel Cala Molí *** 

Cala Molí is beautiful  hotel with  unforgettable atmosphere, nice local cuisine, wonderful  view and large garden with access to the sea. 

We  stay  4 nights in this hotel. 

Accomodation -  each photographer has his/her own appartment with bathroom and  small teracce with  sea view.

The whole place is  exclusively reserved  for our photogroup and we are allowed to take pictures  in the hotel area.


Fishermen houses 

 ( 10 min. drive from hotel )

Beautiful sand beaches  

( closest beach 5 min )

Sandy rocks and the cave

( 15 min. from hotel ) 

Please, enjoy the video from our last event  

 3 shooting days / 15 hours  

The event is limited to 13 photographers 

wise support for your pictures / independent shootings


There are several locations in close distance from the hotel.

To ensure best conditions for shooting and enough space at locations, we are going to split our photogroup each day in two teams, each team with own location schedule and inner group schedule. 

Team A) 

groups of 3 photographers per model - tutor  ( for photographers requesting support )
Axel Heinrichs will provide support, focusing  on  magazine style of photography  / Playboy - lifestyle - glamour / 

Team B)                                                                                                                        

groups of 2 photographers per model - location guide ( for photographers preffering to work independently ) 

Each day  morning sessions and afternoon/sunset sessions  


All photographers get chance to work with each of  the participating models during the event.


Photographers has great opportunity to arrange also their privat shooting with models after the workshop shooting time or during the siesta.

The conditions of private sessions can photographers arrange directly with models ( or we propose the coordination )


Team A )    1.590 euro / per person 

Team B )     1.790 euro / per person 

The cost  of stay for your partner ( who is not a photographer ) in your appartment  is 250 euro / full board

Included in the workshop price: 

- transport on Ibiza

- 4 nights single accomodation in the hotel appartment with full board ( breakfast - rich buffet / soft lunch /  dinner with starter and glass of  local wine )

- water  in your appartment´s fridge 

- 1 x evening trip to Ibiza City or San Antonio ( Cafe del Mar ) 

Payment terms: 

deposit 50 %  upon registration

balance  to be paid before the event starts

Terms of cancellation 

a) from the participant´s side -

the deposit is not refundable ( in case we find back up for the cancelled  spot - 100% of paid deposit will be returned ) 

in case of Covid-19 reasons - participant can use the deposit for any of following Shootparty events.

b) from the side of organizer  - 100% of paid deposit will be returned 

in case of Covid-19 reasons - the event will be postponed. In this case photographers will decide, if they want to keep their reservation or if they preffer to be refunded 100%.

Brief schedule

Wednesday  /  Arrival - Meeting

The hotel is cca 20 min. from the Eivissa airport, so there are going to be few different  check point times for pick up, starting at 15:00, scheduled in regards to the arrival time of all the participants.  

Please, try to manage  your arrival to Ibiza before  19:00. 

/ You can also take taxi from the airport to hotel ( cca 20min.) if you arrive in the morning /

20:00  Dinner  /  Introduction  

Thursday - Friday - Saturday   /  Shootparty 

The exact time schedule will be adapted  at the place in regards  to the  current  wheather conditions   ( sun - no sun ) 

8:00                 Breakfast 

9:00 - 11:30      Shooting   

12:00                Lunch

13:00 - 14:00    Siesta  

14:30 - 17:00    Shooting   

19:00                Dinner  

Sunday  /  Departure 

departure from hotel  07:00 to 12:00, regardings  to the time of your flight. 

To book the spot, please send email at

Looking forward to seeing you at Ibiza,