"Special Edition"

January 25th - 29th

January 29th - February 2nd

February 2nd - 6th


Take a break from the gloomy winter with Shootparty and go on a sunny trip to discover the entire world on one small picturesque island...

The each of the event slot is open for:

  5 Photographers and 6 Models


Shooting groups: 

 1 photographer with each model (1:1)

12 hours of the shooting time 

3 days of photography


Portrait / Fashion / Artistic Nudes / Composition

 Vise & Creative Support  for your Photography 

One of the most remarkable aspects of the beautiful island of Tenerife is its diversity of climate and vegetation, which varies radically in areas that are just a few hundred meters apart from each other, depending on the altitude and the place.

The island thus allows photographers an astoundingly diverse variety in the choice of locations, themes and style of pictures to create with their models.

Otherworldly volcanic landscapes, mysthical rainforests, sunny white and black sand beaches, ocean waves crashing against the rocks, beautiful architecture, deserts with cacti ... Tenerife has got infinite sources for inspiration.











 Support for your photography:

by Maja Zunová

 (English lang.)

by Lionel Duval

(English and French lang.)

Make up & Hair

by Miss Bibi


by Patrik Proško

For the first time on our workshop, we will be having a visual artist and a sculptor Patrik Proško who creates temporary art installations in the landscapes of different countries around the world. So far he has implemented over 80 projects in 26 countries and they all have one thing in common, none exist anymore. Their only purpose is for photography and after documentation, the projects disappear either due to weather conditions, or Patrik clears them himself.

He has already created three projects in Tenerife this year and will create new installations especially for our workshop. You will be able to use them as the background for the models in your photos, which will as such acquire a new story and an artistic dimension.

At the same time, Patrik will show you his approach to creation and how he thinks about the motif created for photography and its concept, in which he has thought out everything down to the smallest detail in advance. You can look forward to the inspiration that can expand your creative range. You can see Patrik's scope, which is not only focused on site-specific installations in public space but also on other art sectors, on his website in the following sections.

During the 3 days of each shooting slot, you'll get the chance  to explore exceptional places across the island with our models and one of our four guides, according to the best possibility of our 4 cars. Or you can choose to stay for a chill photo session in the background of our large, stylish & cozy Finca.    



The six houses of Finca de la Musica and the two uniquely imaginative cave apartments (Casa Cueva) just next door (30m) are exclusively rented for us and we are free to shoot there.

We are also free to use for our pictures a great collection of cars and motorbikes of the owner. 

Enjoy your stay at a relaxing place full of music, beauty and harmony with a year-round temperature of a pleasant 25 degrees.

( the finca has a private club for our  splended evenings :) ) 

The each photographer (group A) will sleep in own fully equipped spacy house with bedroom, bathroom and the living room with kitchen and convertible sofa.  


Villa at the coast 

( 15min. from our finca )

Black & white sand beaches

( 8min.  to 25min. from our finca )

La Caleta

( 40min. from our finca )

El Teide

( 70min. from our finca )

Abandoned Church

( 15min. from our finca )

Rain forest Anaga

( 70min. from our finca )


day 1st     Arrival / Check in - your house is ready from 15:00 / Introduction  


                adress: Camino Los Charcos 13, Fasnia

                highway exit 35

                20:00 Welcome dinner at our finca

day 2nd   8:00 Breakfast 

                 9:00 - 12:00  Session 1 

                 Locations : our finca, cave appartments, black beach Los Roques

                 Lunch: free -  photographers eat in the finca or we go to the closest lunch place

                 14:00 Departure to locations / Session 2

                 Locations : El Médano Playa, La Calleta

                 20:00 Dinner at finca / Splendid evening


day 3rd     8:00 Breakfast

                 9:00 Departure to location / Session 3

                  Location : Villa at the coast

                  Lunch: free (restaurant)

                  13:30  Session 4 & 5

                  Location : Villa at the coast, abandoned church

                  20:00 Dinner at finca / Splendid evening

day 4th     TRIP ON DEMAND 

                  ( group of photographers get to choose their preferred location )

                  8:00 Breakfast

                  Session 6

                  Teide, Anaga rain forest, beaches, Patrik's installations ..

                  Lunch : free on the road

                  20:00 Dinner at finca - barbecue / Splendid evening

day 5th      9:00 Breakfast / Check out till 11:00 

You are free to organize additional private photo sessions with our models ( out of the regular shooting time - morning, siesta, before or after the dinner ), based on the conditions you arrange with the model directly. 

I can eventually propose  the time coordination. 

Tariff and Conditions

What is included:

- 4 nights accomodation (single room) with half board (breakfast and dinner)

- mineral water in your room

- transfer to the shooting location

- 12 hours shooting with 6 models

- support for your photography, MUAH 

- outfits and accessories from our rich Shootparty collection

What is not included:

- your flight to Tenerife (airport SUR - south  is the closest) 

- the transfer from the airport to the finca ( 20km - taxi is approx. 25-30euro ), photographers can coordinate to share the taxi according to their flight schedule

- lunch ( the food is not expensive in Tenerife and there are a lot of restaurants / lunch places, where we will of course drive you. If you request,  we can also support you in shopping for your kitchen )

- your additional private sessions in the free time

Group A. (1:1)    2.390 euro per person

Group B. (2:1)    1.590 euro per person 

Limit is 2 groups B per slot 

Booking condition : 

photographers have to book in couples (both photographers in one registration form), two photographers share the house and the model 

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT 100 euro until  November 15th

Guest                   200 euro

we cannot guarantee, that the guest can follow the photographer to shooting locations (limited number of seats in cars), photographing models is not allowed

In case the photographer books 2 slots, 10% discount is granted on the second one.

Payment terms

deposit of 50% has to be paid upon the registration

balance has to be paid before the event starts

Terms of cancellation

a) from the participant´s side - the deposit is not refundable

( in case there is back up for the cancelled spot - the deposit will be refunded according to the condition of the possible replacement )

b) from the side of organizer - 100% of paid deposit will be returned 

c) in case of an unexpected situation (war, epidemy, earthquake, etc.)  the event will be postponed, the deposit will be valid for the new date or can be refunded

Booking Status

Slot 1/ January 25th - 29th

one available spot 

Slot 2/ January 29th - February 2nd

one available spot

Slot 3/ February 2nd - 6th

fully booked

(the registration is possible for the waiting list) 

Registration form

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to ask :)

I´m looking forward to seeing you in Tenerife, 


PS:  and in case you are planning an additional holidays in Tenerife before or after the event and need a model for your private photo shoot - please note that there will be other great Czech and Belgian models on the island during the winter, so don't hesitate to ask for details :)