Wicked Game

of light & color


October 1st - 3rd 2021

in Czech Republic

The event is fully booked, registration is possible for the waiting list 

3 days photography event / NuArt

Let your creative mind float out of the gravity

Be inspired by magical atmosphere of golden autumn at beautiful castle locations  in the middle of nature

All the castle is exclusively reserved only for our photo group

 indoor & outdoor locations  

12,5 hours of the shooting time

 5 full time models, 1 guest model only for Saturday

The event is limited to 10 photographers 

We speak German, English, French and Czech language

Independent & supported photo session 

Photographers decide by their own, if they prefer to work on self projects with own concept during photo sessions ( designed for experienced photographers ) or if they wish to use the opportunity of technical support and advisory.

Photographers work in team of two with each of the full time model, lenght of each session is 2,5 hours.

Support for your work


Axel Heinrichs will provide support, focusing on magazine style of photography 

Playboy - lifestyle - glamour 


In luxury single bedrooms of chateau Bon Repos 

Make up / Hair 



 1.490euro per person

The  price includes:

2 nights accomodation with breakfast 

2 x dinner, 1x lunch, sandwitches for Friday´s and Sunday´s lunch  

water, coffee, tea, fruits, snacks during sessions

transportation from / to Prague 

Payment terms:

600 euro upon the registration 

balance to be paid before the event starts

Terms of cancellation:

a) from the participant´s side 

the deposit is not refundable ( in case we find back up for the cancelled spot - 100% of paid deposit will be returned )

in case of Covid-19 reasons - participant can use the deposit for any of following Shootparty events.

b) from the side of organizer - 100% of paid deposit will be returned

in case of restrictions due to Covid-19 reasons - the event will be postponed. In this case photographers will decide, if they want to keep their registration or if they preffer to be refunded 100%.

Brief  Schedule


11:00 Meeting - airport Prague 

11:30 Meeting in Prague - centre  

12:15 Meeting  at the castle - Check in 

 ( adress: Čihadla 1, 289 26 Stará Lysá ) 

13:00 - 17:30 Preparation / Shooting

( private sessions )

19:00 Dinner


8:00 Breakfast 

9:00 - 12:50 Preparation / Shooting 

13:00 - 13:55 Lunch 

14:30 - 17:00 Shooting 

( private sessions )

19:00 Dinner


8:00 Breakfast

9:00 - 11:30 Preparation / Shooting

12:00 End of the workshop 

( options of private sessions till 14:00 )

In case of interest, photographers have the opportunity to arrange with models additional private sessions after the workshop shooting time. The fee of the model for private session (70-100e/h) is not included in the price of the event.

Private sessions coordination is proposed upon request 

In case of questions, please do not hesitate to ask: svetlanku@yahoo.com / +420774122031