Remote Tethered Photo Shoots 

Shootparty remote session with your favorite Czech model

Ignore borders and limitations in today's world. Let your creativity run wild with Shootparty.

Remote Model Shoots: The Smooth All-In-One Solution

Remote photo work supported by Shootparty :

by Ben Ernst / shoot Amsterdam  - Prague

by Tom Fensterseifer / shoot Munich - Prague

by Ben Ernst / shoot Amsterdam - Paris

Stuck at home? Always wanted to shoot a Czech model? Inefficient to travel abroad for just a few hours of shooting? We got a convenient solution for you: 

You pick a professional model. You decide about style & theme. You shoot from the comfort of your own home. You are in complete control with all the camera set up. 

We are here to assist you professionally.

Possible on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday 

How does it work?

We will take care of smooth communication between you and the model if needed. We speak English and Czech language.

I will support the model to be even more beautiful (MUAH, styling), help you with the set decoration, accessories 

We will help  you with the  lightning set up to create the mood of picture you wish and  position the camera regarding your request.

We will provide:

SONY A7r iii , lens SONY Distagon 35mm, f: 1,4 / 42 Mpx raw

( can be switched to 50mm with the crop and the result will be a 24 Mpx photo in full quality )

2x LED 1000BII, softboxes, octagon, filtres, reflector ..

Photo Capturing Software: Imaging Edge Desktop. It will take you only 20 seconds to learn all the "photo-capturing-basics" you will need for "clicking the shutter". We will walk you thrown on-set. You will be in complete control of the camera set up.

Location / various sets  / decorations / ventilator / fog machine


Other possible locations

 ( later Spring - Summer - early Autumn )


models are professional, based in Czech Republic

posing from portrait up to artistic nude 

communicating in English


EUR 300e / 3 hours

( Studio / Set Assistance ) 

+ model fee due to the each model rate ( from 50 till 100e / 1 hour )

In case of questions or interest to register, please contact me at

Looking forward to seeing you online soon :)